Chuy Chicle's August 22 E-Mail


Made a quick "sum-up" of the possible upset of the leaders, Bovines and Chorizo! (points as-of the 21st!), by Lucy's, Pancho's Sandalias! (Quiza translates to "maybe", in Spanish!)

O. K! Here are the suppositions: Pato Lucas, (Lucy), has Berkman and Sheffield on her roster. Homer, (Sam) and Pepe, (Josh), DON'T!!!!!!!!! Supposing these two guys go wild in the next 10 days, (possibility, Shef hit two out last nite against his former team, San Diego!) Well - - - - - !!!!!!!??????!!!!!!!!

As of the 21st, Bovines, 3,172 and less the Sandalia's 3,110, that's only 62 points to make-up! The Chorizo have 3,142, so, that is only 32 to make-up!!!!!!!! Wow!!!!!!!

The other contenders, Rube (Joe) and Skeeta (Jeren): No Berkman, ni, Sheffield!!!!!!!!!! Casi Muro (Javier) has almost the same roster as Lucy's, minus Berkman!!!!!!!

Anything is possible! "You gotta' have heart, miles and miles, of heart --------!

Viva, León!

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