Scott Brown Crowned 2001 SLPL Champ

03/04/2002Scott Brown, 2001 Champ

SANTA LECHUGA (SLPL News) - Scott Brown, owner of White Man's Overbite, was recently presented the coveted SLPL Coffee Cup to mark his 2001 SLPL Championship. Commissioner Rube Furrow presented the award in front of the Men's room at the Monterey Herald office. "I can't believe I won one of the big three of cups," said a teary-eyed Brown. "There's the Stanley Cup, the Breeder's Cup, and the SLPL Coffee Cup. I'm the king of the world!" Furrow, in Monterey to discuss league expansion, said "Scott just plain kicked everybody's butt last year." Mac McDonald, owner of Hannah Storm's Bawl Babies, on hand during the award ceremonies using the bathroom, said of Brown, "There's no crying in baseball." Responded Brown, "He's just bitter." Click here to visit the 2001 website.

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