The 2002 Santa Lechuga Power League Begins with a Record 48 Teams

03/31/2002 18:55 PM EST

SANTA LECHUGA (SLPL News) - The 2002 Santa Lechuga Power League started Sunday night with a record 48 teams, surpassing the league's projections by eight teams. Commissioner Rube Furrow said that he was ecstatic with the number of new owners in the league this year. "As the commissioner of this league, I'm blown away that we not only met our goal, but we surpassed it," Furrow said. "And with the exception of that Malcolm Foley kid, I would like to personally welcome each and every one of the new owners into the league."

With five owners from Mexico joining owners from the US states of California, Washington, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, the SLPL has gone international. Meanwhile, other owners have chosen to locate their teams in several different countries -- including Denmark, Italy, the Philippines, Afghanistan, and France -- making the SLPL a truly global league. "Our teams are going to chalk up some serious frequent flyer miles," Furrow said, "but it's worth it to bring our most excellent league to the rest of the world."

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