2002 Teams Unveiled, Leagues Divided, and Divisions Aligned


SANTA LECHUGA (SLPL News) - The 48 teams in the Santa Lechuga Power League will be divided into two leagues and six divisions. The Liga de la Potencia ("Power League") will be broken into Red, Orange, and Yellow Divisions. The Liga del Palo ("Bat League") will be broken into Green, Blue and Violet Divisions. (Click on team names to see team rosters.)

Liga de la Potencia

Liga del Palo

La División Rojo

La División Anaranjada

La División Gris

La División Verde

La División Azul

La División Violeta

Copenhagen Sound
Owner: Malcolm Foley (Marcus Rochellle)
Location: Dolby 5.1 Field (Copenhagen, Denmark)

Dago Tastaduras ("Dago T's")
Owner: Lado (Sue Klinkhamer)
Location: Pompeii Stadium

Fat Bastards
Owner: Fat Bastard (Jimi Hicks)
Locations: The White Castle
Avg. Team Weight: Somewhere over 250

Las Vegas Losers
Owner: James Woo
Location: Lost Wages, NV

Los Huaraches
Owner: Casi Miro (Javier Andriano)
Location: Campo de San Sebastian (León, Mexico)

My !@$%@! Team
Owner: Lisa Brown
Location: My !@$%@! Field

Pancho's Sandalias
Owner: Patos Lucas (Lucy Juarez)
Location: Campo de Arcos Iris (León, Mexico)

Wedding Midgets
Owner: Duff and Mick Gallagher
Location: Chapel Hill

Ball Knockers
Owner: Lorena Bobbit (Katie and Justin Livernois)
Location: Stroking Wood Park (Holli-Wood, CA)

Cabbage Farmers
Owner: Col Martinez (Paul Martin)
Location: Diamante de los Granjeros de la Col (Costa Mesa, CA)

Charlie Don't Surf
Owner: Lon Gallagher
Location: E&J Galloseum (Napa Valley, CA)

KO Kid
Owner: KO Kid (Ken Ottmar)
Location: Monterey, CA

Mt. Signal Bazabals
Owner: B&W Inc. (Barbara Livernois & Whimpy Horton)
Location: Chimichanga Field at Camacho Stadium (El Centro, CA)

Pepino Monos
Owner: Pedregoso Rios (Tony Livernois)
Location: Endive Stadium (Valle del Mono con Grande el Pepino, CA)

Washingtino Bullets
Owner: Mucho Goings (Jim Cummings)
Location: Ridgefield, WA

White Man's Overbite
Owner: Mr. Overbite (Scott Brown)
Location: Monterey, CA

Adriano's Chaussure
Owner: Myrna Loy (Mirna Adriano)
Location: Champs Elysée Parc (Paris, France) and León Field (León, Mexico)

Beat Some Ash
Owner: Jack M. Outt (Dave Jannusch)
Location: The Lumber Yard (St. Charles)

Indian All Stars
Owner: Anish Gauri
Location: Wrigley Field

Osamahead Buzkashi
Owner: Donald H. Rumsfeld (B.J. Surratt)
Location: The Diamond in the Cave (Northern Afghanistan)

Owner: Rent-an-Owner (Kelsey Brewer)
Location: Rent-a-Stadium (Jackson, CA)

Stampeding Bovines
Owner: Homer Bedlow (Sam Livernois)
Location: Cow Dung Park (Chico, CA)

Taliban Rangers
Owner: Al Quaida (Vern Fisher)
Location: Kabul, Afghanistan

Owner: Kevin Klinkhamer
Location: Shea Stadium

Andes Warhol of Fame 2002
Owner: General Pinochet (Vince Livernois)
Location: Estadio Santiago, Chile

Ball Busters
Owner: Mistress Catalina (Kathy Livernois)
Location: The Dungeon on Catalina Island

The Balls
Owner: Lisa Gallagher
Location: The Ball Park

Big Guy's Big Guys
Owner: Chip Brown
Location: Unknown, which makes for a hell of a bus ride

Fort Ord Fiends
Owner: Stickamoo Johnson (Brian Styers)
Locations: Doak Park (Thomasville, N.C.)

Owner: Wayne Giesen
Location: US Baseball Camp

Las Tepetas
Owner: Pelon Buey (Matt Martin )
Location: Midway City, CA

Ten Little Indians
Owner: Jim Klinkhamer
Location: Deep in the Heart of Texas

Hey, Howya' Doin'
Owner: Dan Klinkhamer
Location: St. Charles, IL

Little Angry Brown Guys
Owner: Fernando del Pollo (Marc Carig)
Locations: Bataan Baseball Grounds (Manila, Philippines) and The Ballpark at New Monterey (Monterey, CA)

Pawnee Bill's Roadkill
Owner: Roadkill Bo (Bill Brown)
Location: SBC Galaxy Park

Puros Cuero
Owner: Chula Mula (Karina Granados)
Location: Campo del Cuero Jeter (León, Mexico)

Santa Lechuga Bus Wreck
Owner: Rube Furrow (Joe Livernois)
Location: Stalker's Stadium (Santa Lechuga, CA)

Owner: Scott Allen
Location: Rosenblatt Stadium

Sue's Zs
Owner: Suzie Zipple (Susie Rochellle)
Location: Zen Stadium (Santa Cruz, CA)

Zapata's Zapatos
Owner: Chuy Chicle (Richard Livernois)
Location: Campo a Bota's Estadio de Guanajuato (Booty's Stadium), Leon, Mexico

Owner: Modeetz Andrich (Sue Kaschalk)
Location: Cardwheels Stadium (Marshall, MI)

Chorizo Guerreros
Owner: Pepe Salchuga (Josh Walker)
Location: El Estadio Grande (Gilroy, CA)

The Dudes
Owner: The Dude (James Gallagher)
Location: Panther Park

Dunne's Dingers
Owner: George Dunne
Location: Pin Stripe Park (Philadelphia, PA)

Magic Johnsons
Owner: Jeff Brown
Location: PacBell.net Park

P-Town Playaz
Owner: Skeeta Playa (Jeren Livernois)
Location: P-Playa Stadium (Prunedale, CA)

Scratch-N-Spit Naturals
Owner: Squeezed Sphincter (James R. Hicks)
Location: E
nron - Andersen Cow Pasture (AKA "The Field of Broken Dreams")

The Strokes
Owner: Aaron Pankoke
Location: Wrigley Field

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