RotoWire to Host Stats Tracking for Santa Lechuga


SANTA LECHUGA (SLPL News) - The Santa Lechuga Power League is pleased to announce that it has signed an exclusive agreement with RotoWire, a subsidiary of Roto Sports, Inc., to track standings and statistics for the 2002 season. According to SLPL Webmaster Pedregoso Ríos, "RotoWire has a great fantasy commissioner service that will automatically update our league's stats and standings. Better yet, it'll save me gobs of time during the season!"RotoWire provides league-specific standings and stats including daily box scores and realtime box scores. League standings are usually updated every morning by 1:00 Pacific Time. (Though their support guy says they're having problems today.)

While RotoWire is undeniably cool, according to Ríos, there is per-league maximum of 40 teams. As a result, the SLPL has chosen to divide the league into two leagues, the Liga de la Potencia ("Power League") and the Liga del Palo ("Bat League"). Each league will be tracked separately on RotoWire. Owners can access the standings for each league by clicking on the following:

Liga de la Potencia and Liga del Palo standings can also be accessed by clicking on the buttons in the title bar above.

The standings won't tell the whole story, warns Ríos. "RotoWire won't track division-specific standings or bonus points, so I will have to compile those daily. Or as I have time." Ríos won't have these compilations up and running until April 6.

Ríos recommends exploring RotoWire. "It's a great site. Besides tracking league-specific stuff, it provides other cool stuff like MLB news. Check it out."

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