SLPL Renames Amarilla Division


SANTA LECHUGA (SLPL News) - In an unexpected and stunning move, the Santa Lechuga Power League has decided to rename the "La División Amarilla" to "La División Gris." Said Commissioner Rube Furrow, "Sure, Amarilla's got a better ring to it, but we've gotta go with Gris."

Amarilla, which is Spanish for "yellow," has been criticized as being weak, unforceful, and difficult to read against white backgrounds. Gris, which is Spanish for "gray," has long been favored as bold and as a better contrasting shade. "We're not going with that soft gray," Furrow said. "We're going to give the division a gray that people can read."

SLPL owners were quick to criticize the move. Said one, speaking on the condition of anonymity, "There goes our ROY-G-BIV motif." Said another anonymous owner, "I'm not sure it's a bad idea ... it's just that, on principle, I can't support anything Furrow does."

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