Ríos Gives SLPL Standings an Additional View, Discourages Side-Bets


SANTA LECHUGA (SLPL News) - Pedregoso Ríos has given Santa Lechuga Power League owners a new way to look at the standings, one that might encourage owners to to create side wagers. Ríos said, "Let me say right now, officially, for the record, without hesitation, and without reservation, this new view of the standings in no way encourages owners to generate side bets. These standings have been created to give you Exclusive Bragging Rights amongst your family, friends, and/or colleagues."

The view provided creates 'natural' divisions amongst owners. For example, all owners from the Monterey Herald are grouped together so they can see how they're doing against one another. The following breakdowns have been provided.

  • Livernois Family (Immediate) Division Standings
  • Livernois Family (Extended) Division Standings
  • Monterey Herald Division Standings
  • Brown, Gallagher & Friends Division Standings
  • Klinkhamers & Friends Division Standings
  • León Division Standings
  • Friends of Pedregoso Division Standings

But Ríos again emphasizes that wagers are not encouraged. "Owners should not use the fact that there are no payouts for these divisions as an excuse to bet with the owners in these divisions."

Ríos indicated that these standing may not be updated every day. "I hope to update them about once a week. But, who knows, I might find an easy way to update 'em daily."

To view the SLPL Natural Divisions, click here.

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