Rumor-Wire: What Would Happen if the Season Ended Yesterday?


SANTA LECHUGA (SLPL News) - In his latest Rumor-Wire, Pedregoso Ríos considers what would happen if the season had ended with last night's results. Though he's thrilled that this won't happen -- Ríos' Pepino Monos suck more than Hoover, Bissell and Oreck combined -- he thought it might be fun to take a snapshot of the league standings to see who might be crowned champs. In the latest Wire, Ríos also welcomes the Washingtino Bullets, talks about stepped-up security around the league, and writes an open letter to Lisa Brown, who currently owns the coolest team name in the league. Currently. Click here to get the latest scoop.

Updated by Pedregoso Rios, Majority Owner, Pepino Monos

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