SLPL Posts MLB Hitting & Pitching Stats by Player

Ríos says "Don't get used to it"; Pinochet asks "Why are you doing everyone's homework for them?"


SANTA LECHUGA (SLPL News) - The SLPL has posted the stats of Major League Players sorted by SLPL points. "Owners can see how their players are stacking up against other players," said SLPL Webmaster Pedregoso Ríos. "And with the All-Star break just a month and a half away, it's probably not too early for owners to begin figuring out who they want to trade."

According to Ríos, these stats are ridiculously tedious and difficult to compile regularly. "So don't get used to it. If we're lucky, we'll post them once or twice more before the All Star break."

Andes Warhol of Fame 2002 Owner General Pinochet isn't happy that they SLPL is posting these stats. "Why are you doing everyone's homework for them?" Pinochet asked. "It's like before the season, when you spoon-fed half the owners by giving them last year's stats before they chose their rosters ... let 'em figure it out on their own."

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