Pedregoso to Leave for Vacation; Standings May Not Be Posted This Weekend


SANTA LECHUGA (SLPL News) - SLPL webmaster Pedregoso Ríos is leaving for vacation Friday, possibly leaving SLPL owners without updated standings and statistics for a coupla days. "I'm going to visit my buddy Tony Brown in Atlanta, then we're going to drive down to Panama City, FL to go deep sea fishing on Saturday," Ríos said. "Since I don't know if I'll be able to get a good web connection while in Panama City, and since I don't know if I'll even be able to get up early enough to update the website before we leave for the docks, the standings might not be updated for a couple days."

SLPL owners, upon hearing the news that Ríos might not update the standings, reacted with predictable angst. Pancho's Sandalias owner Lucy Juarez said, "Why doesn't it surprise me that Ríos is shirking his responsibilities? The website has the contemporary appeal of a Charlie Chaplin pratfall." Bufuddled The Strokes owner Aaron Pankoke grumbled, "The guy updates the website as often as Haley's comet comes around, and now he's not even going to post the standings?!?! What an idiot!" Pawnee Bill's Roadkill owner Bill Brown complained, "I hear there's a contingent of owners who are going to rent some carbon dating equipment to see just how old the content on the website is. I'm part of that contingent."

Ríos encourages owners to use the Roto-Tools in the Menu (on the left) to see how their teams are doing while he's away. "While the RoteWire pages don't show bonus points, they still give you a good idea about how your team is doing."

In related news, Ríos made his first public statement since owners first started ripping him for not updating the website more often. In yesterday's news conference, Ríos said simply, "Well, at least I'm updating things more often than Malcolm Foley updates his column!" Foley could not be reached for comment.

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