Trades to be Posted No Later than July 15th


SANTA LECHUGA (SLPL News) - SLPL Webmaster Pedregoso Ríos announced today that all the Mid-Season Trades that were made by league owners before the deadline will be posted to the website sometime before July 15th. "I'll post a list of the transactions pretty quickly," Ríos said, "but the actual statistics will likely not take effect for a few days. That means that the standings may be out-of-date for a while."

League Commissioner Rube Furrow reported that there were a total of 35 Mid-Season Trades made by 18 teams this All-Star break. "That's 350 bucks," Furrow said. "Counting DL trades to date, our Regular Season Champ and our Overall Champ will be splitting at least $630 in trade monies at the end of the season. That's in addition to their regular winnings!"

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