Going, Going, Gone?

Furrow Initiates Proceedings to Eliminate Homer Bedlow's Stampeding Bovines from SLPL; Frustration and Jealousy Cited as Major Reasons


SANTA LECHUGA (SLPL News) - In a move "unprecedented in league history," SLPL Commissioner Rube Furrow has initiated proceedings to try to eliminate current league leader Homer Bedlow and his Stampeding Bovines from the league. Citing the fact that Bedlow "refuses to participate in the league in any meaningful way," Furrow has petitioned league owners to vote on the elimination. "Worst of all," Rube wrote in an important announcement to league owners, "administrators are frustrated and, frankly, jealous that Bedlow's Stampeding Bovines appears to have come out of nowhere and could end up winning the whole shooting match."

To successfully eliminate the Bovines, two-thirds of all ownership groups must vote "Yay" at the league's Forum titled "Stamp Out the Stampeding Bovines." Click here to read the full transcript of Rube's Important Announcement in his SLPL Newsletter.

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