Rube Reacts to Giants Winning the Pennant

SLPL Commissioner Provides First-Person Account of Giants Big Win


What a game! Never been to one like that before. The 9th: 2 out, nobody on, 1-1 tie. Extra inning for sure. Bell single. Dunston (DUNSTON! What the hell's Dunston doing in a game like this?) singles. Morris out. Kline in. Lofton singles. Game over. Bedlam. Loma and I are hugging and jumping up and down. PacBell is rocking. No one wants to leave. Finally, out of the park, the city is going nuts, like Noriega had finally been dethroned or something.

The subtext of this postseason has been intriguing. This was the year that Peter Magowan threw down the gauntlet, hinting that Dusty and Brian Sabean would be history if they didn't have postseason success. Back in late August, it was looking bleak. Nen had just blown a save to Atlanta, they couldn't finish the tie game due to a sudden thunderstorm in the 10th, they had to fly into Florida that night and didn't get in until 7 the next morning, then proceeded to lose three straight to the Marlins. At that point, we were about to give up on the Giants completely. The Dusty era was ending and it was fun while it lasted. It would be sad. Giants fans love Dusty. Yeah, he's botched up a couple of postseasons, but he's all heart and soul and Giants' fans would sooner trade Bonds for Bartolo Colon than give up Dusty. But it looked hopeless. This season was going down the toilet. Then, all of a sudden . . .

By the way, that Lofton guy might just work out. Thank you, Cleveland.

Now we just gotta spank those monkeys. For all its legend and history, SF has never won a world series. Unfortunately, the Angels seem to hit the crap out of the ball. I'm already worried. Stop it! Enjoy the moment. The Giants win the pennant.

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