August 21, 2002

HUELGA! The administration at SLPL is trying to figure out how to administer the league in the event of a Major League Baseball strike. But we'll need your help. In case of a strike that ends the season prematurely, we will pay out all division and special bonus winners. And we will award the overall winner with regular-season payout. The question -- and where you come in -- is figuring out what to do with the postseason and overall champ winnings. Here's our three proposals: 1.) SLPL Commissar Rube Furrow keeps all postseason money for his own enjoyment. 2.) The regular-season winner also gets postseason and overall championship winnings. 3.) SLPL rolls over postseason and overall money to sweeten the pot for next season. VOTE! We need to hear from all SLPL team ownership groups on this vital issue. Please log on to to cast your vote. Enter the "SLPL Forums" and vote at the site "Poll: Huelga." . . . BOVINES PREVAIL: Due to lackluster response from braindead team ownership groups, the effort to blackball the Stampeding Bovines from the SLPL has failed. That means that, if the season ended today, the Bovines would win it all. Way to go, everyone! You had your chance!

©2002 Tony Livernois and Joe Livernois. All rights reserved.

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