August 5, 2002

DOG DAYS: Commissioner Rube Furrow finds himself on the horns of a dilemma. At this point of every season, Rube takes many humorous cheap shots at the team ownership group that is failing miserably. Unfortunately, this year's wretched excuse of a team is owned by Rube's own mother, half owner of the Mount Signal Bazabals. The Bazabals were mathematically eliminated from contention before the season ever started (selecting John Vander Wal as a power hitter will do that for you). Not only that, but the Bazabals are only a week or two away from being mathematically eliminated from 47th place . . . IMPORTANT REMINDER: If you haven't paid for your trades yet, you can send your check to Joe Livernois, 459 Echo Valley Road, Salinas 93907. Rube is embarassed to note that some team ownership groups HAVEN'T EVEN PAID their entry fees yet. You know who you are . . . BEST TRADE OF THE YEAR: Charlie Don't Surf's Lon Gallagher not only created the best team name of the season, he also fashioned the most savvy trade when he dumped Rich Aurelia for Vlad Guerrero . . . BONUS BONANZA: Rube and Pedregoso ask that team owners keep watch on their own bonus points. If one of your pitchers hits a homer or one of your position players posts a strikeout, please let Pedregoso know by email ASAP.

©2002 Tony Livernois and Joe Livernois. All rights reserved.

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