Bio: Rube Furrow

Rube Furrow, the beloved Commissioner of the Santa Lechuga Power League, is best known for his numerous involuntary body twitches. Originally believed to be stress-related, medical experts now theorize that Furrow's relentless and constant muscle and skin spasms are evolutionary remnants of ancient, prehistoric man who, burdened with basic survival in the wilderness, developed the twitches to ward off insect infestations. An ESPN reporter once said that Furrow "has more shakes than Rosanne Arnold competing in a monster truck race."

Furrow is also the mayor of Santa Lechuga, California, the sleepy (some say dead) minor league baseball town near Salinas. As mayor, Furrow made national news when he attempted to secure federal funding for a rapid transit system in his town, even though it only takes about three-and-a-half minutes to walk the entire perimeter of Santa Lechuga. Other proposals by Mayor Furrow that have been ridiculed include his proposal to build skyscraper in the town square, his proposal to replace the downtown buildings and businesses (literally) with one big Wal-Mart, and his proposal to refurbish the decades-closed Hotel Studebaker.

But it's Furrow's bodily twitches that have endeared him to the media. Nicknamed "Horse Tail," Furrow gets more than his share of national media attention for a small town mayor and minor league baseball commissioner. Much of this attention can be attributed to long-standing bets by television cameraman about who can capture the most twitching body parts at a single news conference. One video that's been floating around the Internet appears to show Furrow's gums twitching, though some dispute the claim by saying that it was just his loose teeth clattering around.

Rube is unmarried. He lives with his mother, Ruby, on Arugula Lane in Santa Lechuga.

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