September 25, 2002

Commissioner Rube Furrow, who's been experiencing address book problems since getting his new computer, has asked me to notify SLPL owners of a recent change in our DL Trade rules.

First, a Little Background...

An unnamed player on several SLPL owners' rosters recently got injured and will be "out for season." However, because we're in the last week of the season, the MLB team does not have to put him on a Disabled List. Given the way the SLPL's current trade rules are stated, an SLPL owner cannot trade a player that's not on the DL list.

Second, the Ruling...

Rube -- after lengthy deliberations with the player's union, owner's committee, and several cases of Tecate cerveza -- has generously decided to amend our trade rules (yes, for the second time this season!) to allow SLPL owners with DL trades available to use a DL trade to dump a player that is "Out for Season." The cost to the owner for this transaction will be the equivalent of a 60-DL trade, $10. The DL trade rules now read thusly:

Disabled List Trades - Updated 09/25/02
This year, owners will be allowed to make up to two (2) 15- or 60-day disabled list (DL) trades. You can only trade players that have gone on the official Major League Baseball Disabled List or players that, within two weeks of the end of the regular season, have been designated as "out for season." A DL trade is in effect one day after you notify Pedregoso Rios (by e-mail only) with a copy to Rube Furrow. DL trades are not retroactive to the date the player went on the Disabled List or was designated as "out for season.". You will receive the "to date" stats of the player that you trade and the remaining season stats of the player you trade for.
30- or 60-Day Disabled List Trade Fees - Updated 09/25/02
. 15-day DL Trade = $15
. 60-day DL Trade = $10
. Out-for-Season Trade = $10

Third, the Implications...

If this unnamed player -- or any other player that's "out for season" -- is on your roster, you can now dump the dog and get yourself a player that's going to the playoffs. The payout to keep in mind is the "Playoff Champ" payout:

To Win
With a "clean slate" that does not include regular season stats, be crowned the Playoff Champ by scoring the most overall points during the playoffs
How Much You'll Win


Join me in thanking Rube for this most-benevolent ruling. Oh, and speaking of benevolence, send your trade fees ASAP to:

Joe Livernois
459 Echo Valley Road
Salinas, CA 93907

Good luck for the remainder of the season and the playoffs!

©2002 Tony Livernois and Joe Livernois. All rights reserved.

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