Santa Lechuga Bus Wreck


Rube Furrow (Joe Livernois)

Stadium, Location

Stalker's Stadium (Santa Lechuga, CA)

Hitting Roster

  1. Barry "Bobble Brains" Bonds
  2. Shawn "Doesn't Believe in Hamstrings" Green
  3. Jeff "Goin' With My Heart" Kent - DL Trade #2 (Added 9/29)
  4. Rafael "Adonis" Palmeiro
  5. Albert "Anabolic" Pujols
  6. Alex "Sludge" Rodriguez
  7. Richie "Brian Wilson" Sexson
  8. Sammy "The Mental Giant" Sosa
  9. Jim "Flex" Thome
  10. Larry "Mr. Personality" Walker
Luis Gonzalez - DL Trade #2 (Dropped 9/29- Out-for-Season)

Pitching Roster

  1. Randy "Pizza Face" Johnson
  2. Pedro "Rag-Arms" Martinez
  3. Curt Schilling - DL Trade #1 (Added 9/13)
  4. Kerry "What Am I Thinking?" Wood
  5. Barry "My Big Gamble" Zito
Octavio "Ever Heard of Him?" Dotel - Mid-Season Trade (Dropped)
A.J. Burnett - DL Trade #1 (Dropped 9/13- 15-day DL)

By Pedregoso Ríos, Majority Owner, Pepino Monos

Copyright ©2002 by Joe Livernois and Tony Livernois.
All rights reserved.