Countdown to the All-Star Break

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Mid-Season Trades
At mid-season, during the All-Star break, you will be allowed to trade one (1) hitter and one (1) pitcher. You will receive the first-half stats of the player you trade and the second-half stats for the player you trade for.

Mid-Season Trade Fees
$10 per trade (payable to Joe Livernois or Tony Livernois)

12:05 pm EST, Thursday, July 11, 2002

To Make Your Trades
E-mail Pedregoso Rios ( and Rube Furrow ( All trades must be received by the deadline; trades received after the deadline will not be allowed.

As a Huge Favor
Please include your team name and owner name in your e-mail. Please also include the first and last names of each player you are trading and each player you are trading for.

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